Many CPA firms are primarily concerned with preparing accurate financial statements and getting their clients’ taxes filed properly and on time. But you can stand out in providing greater value to your clients by assisting them in claiming valuable federal and state research and development (R&D) tax credits.

Often overlooked by CPA firms, R&D tax credits yield billions of dollars in federal and state benefits to businesses across numerous diverse industries — technology, manufacturing, software, construction, and many others. The Washington Post has estimated that R&D credits and related tax breaks help U.S. businesses save more than $12 billion a year!

Unfortunately, almost 70% of businesses that qualify for R&D tax credits miss this valuable opportunity, because of misconceptions about qualifying activities and insufficient resources to help with the documentation process.

Why work with BRS to obtain tax credits for your clients:

BRS’s experts have highly specialized understanding of the ever-changing requirements that are involved. We work with CPAs and their clients nationwide to provide the specialized documentation they need to endorse each claim with confidence.

We have developed a proven methodology that minimizes the client’s time and maximizes efficiency. We have the know-how and experience to work with your team to develop a clear and accurate history of a client’s development efforts, capture all eligible costs, recognize how to maximize the scope of qualifying activities, and prepare the technical documentation to support the dollars claimed. And we get the work done in an efficient manner that minimizes disruption, and provides a documented approach to benefit future planning.

BRS works on a fixed-fee basis only.

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