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Imagine having a Chief Financial Officer for yourself and your family. In the same way that a CFO coordinates the financial affairs of a corporation, many successful individuals and families are responsible for an increasingly complex landscape of financial affairs such as tax planning, education funding, estate management, investment portfolios, and budget oversight.

Our Family CFOs provide personalized, confidential, and conflict-free oversight to simplify the day-to-day financial operations for you and your family. We dig into the details to offer insight on trends and anomalies with the sole purpose of protecting your financial interests and providing stability to future-proof your family’s financial operations. Our goal is to deliver financial peace of mind.

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Tara Dugan Banks, CPA

A professional you can rely on

With over twenty-three years of experience in the financial services industry and a licensed CPA since 2002, Tara Dugan Banks has the professional expertise to help individuals and their families manage their personal finances.  As your trusted Family and Personal CFO, Tara is an important and valued liaison between attorneys, accountants, investment managers, and other professionals.

Office: 747 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05446
Tel: (802) 657-4733  |  Email:

Financial services to match your needs

Family and Personal CFO services are flexible, and customized to meet individual client needs.

  • Vendor invoice payments (including sorting & scanning mail)
  • Monitoring & reconciling financial accounts
  • Reporting and summary statements (quarterly or monthly)
  • Record keeping for tax purposes
  • Review of tax returns for completeness
  • Oversight of cash flow
  • Budgeting
  • Liaison between other service providers (tax accountants, investment managers, lawyers, bankers, insurance brokers, etc.)
  • Making deposits into accounts
  • General insurance reviews & updates with various vendors
  • Summary of real estate investment transactions
  • Attendance at meetings & minute taking


“I started working with Tara after struggling for years to keep track of how my various investments were doing… real estate, equity income, and others. I needed regular updates and monthly reports — and receiving accurate information was very important. With my travel and work schedule, I also needed help with bill payments and personal income statements. Tara has significantly simplified my financial life. What a relief.

Questions? Next steps?

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