Linen service companies are in a highly competitive industry, and improving cash flow and bottom line is an ongoing struggle. Most linen service companies are also continually improving their processes, to provide a better, faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly product and service.

Activities related to creating or improving your processes can qualify for R&D tax credits. These activities can involve efficiencies, performance, reliability, quality, eliminating waste, and many others.

Examples of activities that qualify for R&D tax credits:

  • Planning and testing RFID or UHF within your process.
  • Developing software for internal use.
  • Researching faster methods of processing.
  • Improving production processes in linen cleaning.
  • Improving wastewater treatment processes.
  • Integrating new conveyor and sorting systems into current processes.
  • Implementing energy efficiencies.
  • Inventing and patenting processes to remove odors and stains.
  • Researching processes that extend the life of materials.
  • Developing more effective processes for decontaminating products.
  • Researching the amount of waste, and better ways to reduce it.

R&D tax credits can equal up to 20 percent of qualified expenses. These can include wages, consumed supply expenses, and outside contract expenses related to qualified research.

Why work with Business Resource Services:

We have expert knowledge of the IRS regulations relating to the federal R&D tax credit, and of the regulations pertaining to the research tax credits offered by 38 states. We are a team of accounting, finance and technologists that specializes in R&D tax credits. Far too many taxpayers rely on non-specialized preparers to calculate these credits; this often results in leaving opportunity on the table by understating it, and by failing to prepare the documentation required to substantiate the credit.

Request a no-charge assessment:

We offer all clients a no-charge assessment to determine what your estimated credits should be. This starts with a 30-minute phone conversation, which is enough for BRS to learn from a “10,000-foot level” if your company qualifies.

We have a proven methodology and track record of success. Our linen service clients have received tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in R&D tax credits.

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